Mahasarakham University, Thailand

Full name in the national language Mahasarakham University
Acronym MSU
Institutional project coordinator Ms. Sirem-orn Prathumthip
Telephone +6643754241

MSU, established in 1967, is a public and progressive university located in the heart of the Northeast of Thailand. It is known as the Center of Education, offering a world -class panorama with more environmentally-responsible existence and sustainable projects. MSU has a long and proud tradition of academic and research excellence. As an educational institution, MSU recognizes an inherent obligation to serve the world of scholarship, its students and alumni, the professions, and society. MSU is considered to be among the leading universities in Thailand and has considered a fast-growing, world-class-recognized university. MSU is the only Thai university that offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Paleontology and BA in Khmer Language. MSU is the first university in northeastern Thailand to offer a Bachelor of Arts program in Accounting and the second to commence Ph.D. course in the same subject. MSU is the first university in the country to establish Faculty of Cultural Sciences. MSU is the first Thai university to join the Microsoft Regional Campus IT Program. Moreover, the Faculty of Education, the flagship of MSU voted as Thailand’s Best Education Faculty by the National Education Office. MSU set up American Corner and a new ASEAN Studies Center in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Besides, MSU has the first natural medicinal mushroom museum in Thailand and Asia called Natural Medicinal Mushroom Museum established to be the learning center for the expansion and dissemination of the knowledge on natural medicinal mushrooms. MSU’s World Class quality has been made clear according to a number of international organizations, including URAP, QS Asian University Ranking, SCImago Institutions Ranking (SIR) World Report, UI GreenMetric World Universities Ranking, Webrometric, 4icu Web Popularity Ranking, and Alexa Web Ranking. This success implies that in the near future, MSU will establish its outstanding recognition on a national scale and globally.

Ms. Sirem-orn Prathumthip is the Head of Staff Services
and International Cooperation, Office of International Affairs,
Department of Public Relations and International Affairs. She received
her B.A. in English from Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok Thailand in
2001. After graduation, she worked as a marketing officer at Fortuné
Co.,vLtd for a year then moved to MSU since 2005 until present. As the
Head of Staff Services and International Cooperation, she in charge of
international staff contract, visa/work permit/social
securityapplication, coordinates and establishes MSU’s International
Partnership, moderates the international meetings for international
visitors, moreover, collects and fills MSU’sdata for Times Higher
Education Ranking.

Ms. Jeeranan Suttijan is a Head of Student Services at
the Office of International Affairs of MSU since 2017. Prior to this
position, she has been an administration officer at the Faculty to
Science and she also assistant secretary of Council of Science Dean of
Thailand for 4 years. Ms. Jeeranan Suttijan received her Bachelor Degree
in Liberal Arts in Sripatum University, Bangkok in 2004, Moreover, she
responses for both inbound/outbound students program. She also
coordinates and organizes Project work towards Student Mobility,
Exchange Student and MSU InternshipScholarship, and International
Student Admission.

Mr. Chalermchon Pusosmri is an International Affairs
Officer who received his BA in English from MSU in 2011. He have an
experiences of working with Companies and Government Agencies. Since
2013, he has been working at the Office of International Affairs, MSU
and recently, he is now the Head for Plan and University Image
Promotion. Firstly, he used his proficient skills to process the working
Visa, Work Permit and Social Security benefits for MSU foreign staff
and lecturers. Then, he took responsibility for collaborations between
MSU and other institutions and organizations both in Thailand and other
countries. Furthermore, he launched a number of activities regarding the
collaborations for the students, lecturers and staff. He was also
promoted to be the Acting Head of the Office of International Affairs
for a year. During that time, he was responsible for all sections in the
Office including, a service for students and staff, a collaboration
between MSU and other institutions and organizations both in Thailand
and other countries, the Princess scholarship for Cambodian students,