The Blissful Days of the Erasmus+ FRIENDS Student Boot Camp 2022 Have Reached its Final Page

Week 4 of the FRIENDS Boot Camp finished with classes on the subject Event Management with our guest-lecturer from the Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey, Dr. Muge Irfanoglu. The blissful days of the Erasmus+ FRIENDS Student Boot Camp 2022 have reached its final page. A new chapter awaits the boot campers, soon to be co-running the FRIENDS Teahouses. The month-long boot camp was necessary to help prepare the students for their additional responsibility of keeping the FRIENDS Teahouses operational. Emphasizing capacity-building, internationalization at home, and cultural awareness, the students are now equipped with valuable knowledge in strengthening campus diversity.

The end of the FRIENDS Boot Camp 2022 is leaving a dozens of memories that will live forever in the minds and hearts of the students who attended it. During this short time they visited Varna University of Management, they created new friendships and discovered what it takes to learn and to listen.

Students from Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bhutan, during the last month, added their part to the diversity of the university life and it is now with sadness we say goodbye. We wish them best of luck in their future pursuits and we hope to see them again someday!

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